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Growing up, my dad was the chef in the house. I was fortunate enough to wake up to a hot breakfast every morning. My all-time-favorite breakfast food is eggs, and boy could my dad cook them. Here are the different ways I've been cooking them since. 

Sunny Side Up

The epitome of a fried egg. This is what eggs look like in cartoons. That bold yellow yolk sitting on a white cloud of....non...yolk....


Difficulty: If you can crack an egg you can cook this. The difficult part is trying not to eat the first while you cook a second.

Over Easy

Sunny Side Up's over looked brother.


This is what I grew up eating. Served over rice, my dad would break the yolks for me and call it "Yellow Rice". 


Difficulty: Fry an egg on medium-medium low. When the whites cook, turn over.

Over Medium

The dark horse of the Fried-Over family.


Half cooked, half runny, all fried egg. No one really orders an Over Medium, and no one intentionally makes one either. This is the perfect egg for the person who can't decide whether or not they want a cooked or runny yolk.


Difficulty: If you're intentionally making this, keep the burner on medium low. If you're not trying to make this, accidentally leave your over easy on the stove a little too long. 


The crowd pleaser.


Cooking breakfast for a bunch of picky people? Let them customize their own omelette. Mine happens to come with green peppers and cheese. 


Difficulty: Difficult to screw up

Fried in a Bell Pepper

Fancy without difficulty.


This is essentially an over easy in a slice of bell pepper. Perfect for preventing your eggs from touching anything else on the plate.


Difficulty: Simple. Just cover your frying pan while cooking to cook the top.

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