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The assignment: Take a product and target it towards a different target audience.


Our take: Sell Glock to women breaking the stigma that women are weak and incapable of defending themselves.


AD: Jay Yalung

CW: Nicole Lague


The mythical practice of chivalry. Holding doors open for women, opening car doors, walking on the sidewalk side closest to the street in case a car were to come close. All done to protect women and make life easier for them. This is something hard to find today. Women are strong and independent, and don't need to rely on a man anymore to defend themselves. 


A Glock pointed at any attacker would deter them instantly. But how would one know if you carried a Glock? In comes the Glock charm. Hang this on your purse. Hang it from your keys. This is the ADT sign for your body that says "Don't. Mess. With. Me. I'm packing heat". 


Life is nowhere near a fairytale. There is no knight in shining armor. Today a woman can has to be able to take care of herself. And Glock can help. 

Powerful Spell

Concrete Tower

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