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The assignment: Although Miracle Gro dominates the market share, get people to buy Miracle Gro all year long.


Our take: Growing a plant is ridiculously easy. Let Miracle Gro help you stay focused when growing one.


AD: Claire Gibson & Jay Yalung

CBM: Danforth Hoover

CS: Haik Petrosian 

CT: Hex Marquez

CW: Gabe Sherman


Miracle Gro

There is nothing easier than taking care of a plant. 

Hulu Spot

This longer commercial spot would be aired on Hulu before primetime shows allowing the viewer to watch one commercial and get the entire episode uninterrupted. 


Radio spot played on Spotify.

Mini In-Store Billboards

These will be placed in the soil of plants ready to take home and grow.


The app is designed to further help you grow a plant making it near impossible to fail. Download the app when you decide to take the plunge and grow a plant. Answer a couple questions about yourself and the app will choose the best type of plant for you to grow using one of our kits.

The Starter Kit

At this point we're almost doing all the work for you. From the app, you are given a kit number to pick up from the store. The kit comes with EVERYTHING* you need, including a small pouch of water to get you started. (*must supply your own sunlight). Paired with the app that reminds you when to water your plant, you're on your way to earning your green thumb.

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